About Me

I'm an award-winning author, and I've been writing for most of my life. 

I've published two non-fiction books for teens and more than 100 articles in a diverse range of print and online outlets that have reached tens of thousands of readers.

My writing has been called "powerful," "indispensable," and "life-changing" (and not just by my mother). I've been featured in The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, and Medium.

I've done the high school English teacher thing (after having watched "Dead Poets Society" somewhere between 10 and 800 times), acquired and edited books, and written basically every type of copy imaginable, from annual reports for a military medical foundation to ad campaigns for a men's underwear brand. (Yes, I did just say "men's underwear." The irony does not escape me.)

I've written heartfelt pieces that have found only small audiences, educational blog posts that have been shared thousands of times, and a book that's about to be in its third edition. I've published a lot of non-fiction, but fiction was always my first love and in the last few years I've rededicated myself it. 

I've taught classes to handfuls of people and performed true stories in front of hundreds. This is one of my favorites:


I've got a degree in Secondary English Education with a concentration in psychology. I've also got a certificate from the University of Denver Publishing Institute, as well as certifications in massage therapy, structural myofascial therapy, and plant-based nutrition. I'm a martial artist, as well. I have a black belt in Taekwondo, and I've studied a bunch of other styles. Oh, and I'm a mom. (If you don't think that fits under "Education," I'm guessing you're not a parent.)

That's diverse training, I know. For me, living is learning. I'm fascinated with the intersections among our internal physical and emotional experiences and the outside world, and everything I've studied has in some way enhanced my writing.

Also, I read obsessively about writing and am always working to be a better writer.

Here's an actual conversation with my wife:

Mala: Did you just buy another book about writing?
Me: Yes.
Mala: How many books about writing do you need?
Me: [shrug] All of them?
Mala: Maybe you should write a book about a woman obsessed with books about writing.
Me: No one would buy it.
Mala: You would.
Me: [stare] 
Mala: [stare]
Me: Touché


This is Mala,

my partner in all things. She's our family's hearth tender, devoting most of her energy and attention to our little one. She's also a sex educator and women's holistic health practitioner. Plus, she's a phenomenal writer and my best reader and critic. I tend to listen to her because she's pretty much always right ... about everything.

We're super-spiritual, nature-loving vegans raising a conscious kid in a crazy world.

Areas of Expertise

My specialty areas for coaching non-fiction are self-help, spirituality, memoir, psychology, animals and nature, and young adult (YA), and for fiction are literary fiction and YA. I can also help you with journalistic and blog writing, and finding your writerly voice or the voice of your personal brand.

Click here to see some of my own published works and performances.


Like lots of writers and editors, I can't take public credit for all of my projects because some of my work is behind the scenes, making sure someone else gets kudos. But here are some things that people have said about me as a writer, editor, teacher, and bodyworker:

"Kelly Madrone has an amazing editorial eye. She can help you frame and organize the structure of your narrative, clarify your message, and bring out the best in your manuscript. I recommend her highly." --Elizabeth Rapoport, former executive editor at Random House, author, and creator of "Write Club"

"It's difficult to articulate the magic that Kelly Madrone brings to a project. She settles in and brings her whole self: heart, mind, soul, intuition, and miles and miles of wisdom. I gave her a pretty decent manuscript. And she have me back a gamechanger. Can't wait for our next collaboration." --Christine Crockett Smith, author and consultant

"Kelly Madrone consistently delivers top-quality, powerful writing that’s well-researched and reported. She’s responsive to edits, files her work on time, and is overall a delight to work with. My only hesitation in recommending her is that if she takes on work for you, she’ll have less time for us!" -- M. Carrie Allan, senior editorial director, The Humane Society of the United States and columnist for The Washington Post

"Kelly defines what a teacher should be." --former student

"When I saw Kelly walk into [class] for the first time I thought, ''S***'s about to get real,' and I wanted to hug her. ... I was impressed with how vulnerable Kelly was willing to be with us. ... She really helped me." --former student

“Kelly is not only knowledgeable and skilled, but a compassionate and principled professional, and I'm glad to have found her!” --client

"Kelly is The Truth. She's the real deal." --client [NFL player]

"Kelly is grace." --former student

"Kelly is extremely professional, courteous and respectful of her clients and I cannot think of anyone in this profession I would recommend more highly." --client

"Kelly has taught me so much not just about how to do massage, but how to live." --former student