Baby Stuff!

Thanks so much for expressing interest in gifting something for our new baby and/or family. We're pretty much set on the basics and weren't sure what to ask people for, so we decided to create a page of ideas and options.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not receive postal service mail delivery at our house, so whenever possible, please send mail to us at the following address:

PO Box 238
El Prado, NM 87529

If a PO Box is not accepted AND it's coming UPS or FedEx, you can use this address:

24B Upper Los Colonias Road
El Prado, NM 87529


A super great idea! 
Locally we shop at CID's Food Market (this links to the gift card page). This is where we do basically all our grocery shopping, and they have a lot of prepared foods and health and beauty stuff, as well.
Online we shop at Thrive Market (this link should take you to a search page where gift card appears first).

People have asked where we like to get takeout locally. The answers are Manzanita's Market, El Gamal, Marshall's Noodle Cart . . . But I don't think any of these places even have websites. (Which is so Taos.) There are no Chipotles or other chains we'd eat at within reasonable driving distance.


Other things that are super helpful for the postnatal period are craniosacral therapy for baby and/or Mala, acupuncture for Mala, and house cleaning.


Craniosacral therapy: Madrona Bourdeau

We have a friend who cleans houses and would charge $50 to clean ours. She doesn't have a website, but you can send a check to us marked for that purpose.


Being so far from Santa Fe (90 minutes), we order a lot of our stuff from, so gift certificates there are always welcome. We can also redeem Target cards online.


Some people have asked about "big sis" gifts. Lathan is into all things pink and fairies. She loves books. And she's also very into her building blocks and puzzles, as well as stickers and art supplies.

We do try to keep things organic/non-toxic and battery-free as much as possible.



We welcome your Love, good vibes, energetic support, and community. <3

Love, The Madrones