Blogging for Business

Using Blogs, Newsletters,
and other Creative Content
to Grow Your Small Business 

As a small (or solo) business owner, you’re supposed to have an online presence… right?
So you’ve got Facebook and you’ve got Instagram, now what?

How do you attract your people, and once you’ve got them, how do you keep them engaged and inspire them to become not just customers or clients, but part of your community?

And how do you reach people when there’s so much marketing fatigue out there—
People tired of all the posts and emails and ads?

It’s true—people are tired of being marketed at.
But they’re not tired of real, meaningful engagement.

In fact, they’re starved for it.
The good news is this: You’ve already got what it takes: You.

Creating engaged communities isn’t about marketing at people,
it’s about connecting with them.

And that’s what this class is going to teach you—
how to use vehicles including blogs, newsletters, and articles to attract and
communicate with your people with sincerity and authenticity,
to deliver valuable content that cultivates your business.


I recently helped an alternative health company grow their Facebook community. Over 7 months, they went from 450 followers to more than 3,500. How? By taking over their blog for them. During this time, shares and comments increased exponentially, and they tripled the number of people who signed on to be coaches for their program.

It was all about giving the audience meaningful, engaging content that was useful to them. Everything I write about was in my wheelhouse, so I was able to share my knowledge and passion for the topic (along with a good bit of humor) to present it in a way that was worthwhile for them.

Hey, that’s one of my articles! Before MASSAGE Magazine redid their website (and reset the counters)  this article garnered more than 5,600 shares .

Hey, that’s one of my articles! Before MASSAGE Magazine redid their website (and reset the counters) this article garnered more than 5,600 shares.


You are the expert in your business. You have what it takes to share your passion. You just need the confidence and the toolkit. That’s what I want to share with you.

You’ll learn:

  • The role of each communication vehicle and how it functions in an overall marketing strategy.

  • How to target potential community members (without annoying the heck out of them).

  • How to construct an effective blog, newsletter, or guest article, from isolating topic and goal to planning and writing. 

  • How to create an idea well so you’ll never sit there and think, “What should I write about this week?”

  • Language and structure to absolutely avoid in your blogs and newsletters.

  • How email marketing campaigns work (and don’t).

  • How to write attention-grabbing (and spam filter-avoiding) headlines.

And, after class, once you’ve had a chance to start putting your learning to work, you’ll get to send me what you’re working on and I’ll give you detailed, individual feedback!

So you’ll get:

  • 2.5 hours of live instruction with Q&A and a link to the audio after

  • PDF workbook, including key concepts and exercises

  • Post-class one-on-one feedback from me on your blog, article, newsletter, or emails

When: Saturday, February 23, 2019
9:30am-12pm EST
How: Zoom
How much: $145 early bird
$175 after February 17

Can’t make the date? No problem!
Go ahead and register and you’ll still get the full workshop replay, plus time with me to give you detailed feedback on your work.

If you’d like some more info about me, check out some of my background here,
my writing here, and what folks who’ve worked with me are saying here.

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