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I'm proud to announce that my book GLBTQ has just been named to the social justice recommended reading list from NNSTOY--the National Network of State Teachers or the Year.

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Publications and Performances

Here's an assortment of some of my published works, both print and online, many published under my maiden name--Kelly Huegel. (Every time I write "maiden" it conjures an image of me running around in a gown with an embroidered neckline, tittering and giddy, with a little bird perched on my finger. But I digress.) 


GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Teens. 2011 second edition; Free Spirit Publishing

Selected reviews and awards for GLBTQ:

“[An] essential resource for both queer and straight youth—and those who care about them.”—Youth Today

“Huegel’s book is extremely practical, not just for LGBTQ students but also for adults who desire a greater understanding of the issues our LGBTQ students face on a daily basis.”—ASCA School Counselor

“One of the best guides available for queer teens and their allies . . . Huegel unflinchingly and clearly explains what young adults, parents, and educators want and need to know . . . An excellent choice for libraries of all types.”—School Library Journal

“Addresses the most critical issues faced by contemporary GLBTQ teens . . . the information it provides for teens makes it a valuable addition to any high school or public library collection.”—VOYA

“One of the best one-volume sources of information available about being GLBTQ.” —Booklist

“An indispensable map through the wilderness, one that should be issued to every queer kid immediately.” —The Advocate

“This book will not be gathering dust on a shelf. If it doesn’t disappear completely, swiped by a teen who desperately needs it, it will be in constant use.”—KLIATT

  • “Popular Paperback for Young Adults,” ALA/YALSA

  • Benjamin Franklin Book Award Winner

  • “Books for the Teen Age,” New York Public Library

  • Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Finalist

  • Independent Publisher Book Award Winner

Young People and Chronic Illness: True Stories, Help, and Hope. 1998; Free Spirit Publishing. 

Hailed as "impressive" by Voice of Youth Advocates, "solid" by Booklist, and "a good choice for any collection" by School Library JournalYPCI received widespread acclaim and was the subject of a full-page article in The Washington Post "Health" section. 

  • Voice of Youth Advocates award

Articles and Guest Blogs

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"Fundraising's Human Equation: Authentic partnerships key to sustainability, success"; Animal Sheltering magazine

"Block by Block: Reaching your community means getting outside your doors and knocking on theirs"; Animal Sheltering magazine

"No Place Like Home: Advocates use prevention strategies and fair housing laws to keep owners and pets together"; Animal Sheltering magazine

"LA Stories: Citywide initiatives cause euthanasia numbers to plummet"; Animal Sheltering magazine

"Creating Community in the Classroom"; Free Spirit Publishing blog

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