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Work With Me

Do you have something to say? Are you driven to connect?

I coach adults and teens to write and speak effectively, powerfully, and from the heart (yes, even if you're writing memos). I help people communicate more clearly to improve the quality of their work and their lives.

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Individual Sessions

I do sessions via phone or Skype (and sometimes in person).

I recommend trying a single session to see if we're a good fit. And to make that easy, I offer an initial 60-minute session for just $70. This isn't just a meet-and-greet. In this session you'll get clear, actionable instruction.

One session may be all you need and if so, you'll be free to float off on clouds of writerly bliss. Or we can continue working together in one of two ways: You can purchase one-at-a-time sessions as you need them, or we can establish a more consistent relationship and you can purchase a block of sessions in advance at a discounted price. 

Session Options 

A la carte 60-minute session: $135
Package of three 60-minute sessions: $375 (a savings of $30)
Package of five 60-minute sessions: $600 (a savings of $75)
** Please note that single sessions expire within 30 days of purchase, and packages expire within two months. 

How It Works

It's pretty simple: You'll send me some of your writing a few days in advance of our scheduled talk time so I can give you feedback when we speak. I'll tell you what I think is working and what's not, and give you some tips and, if appropriate, assignments to help you out. How much and what writing should you send me? We'll sort that out when I email you to set up your session(s).

What if you don't have pages yet or you're blocked? That's fine! We can walk through your idea or project I can help you sketch it out. 

If you want a little more help, I also work with writers on their essays, books, blogs, and other writing projects as a developmental/line editor (meaning I'm doing heavy editing or re-writing your stuff with you). I can also read your manuscript and give you a full written evaluation.

For any project, the best way to get going is to schedule an initial session (see below) and we can go from there.


But if you're not ready to work one-on-one, there's still the totally free option of subscribing to my newsletter for original content and tips for not only becoming a better writer, but also bringing more joy and connection to your life.

Let's Get Started!

If you're ready to get started working with me, go ahead and purchase your session(s). (Note: I'll come up as Kelly Huegel, but you'll recognize my shining visage in the photo). Please include your preferred email address in the note line on PayPal. I'll reach out to confirm payment and set up our first session!

If you have questions, contact me via my online form below and I'll get back to you asap.

Get to know me a bit more via this short video in which I dork out on writing: