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Work With Me

Do you have something to say? Are you driven to connect? Is it time to finally write that book? Chances are, I can help, either by advising you as to the ins and outs of your project, doing periodic coaching, or working more closely.

I help people--individuals and organizations--to communicate more effectively, powerfully, and from the heart, to improve the quality of their work and their lives.

Click here for more info about how I can help you or your group. Or if you want to go ahead and start getting free help with your communication and connection skills, subscribe to my newsletter (scroll down or click the link). Every issue contains real insights, instruction, and/or resources you can use to improve your communication skills and your life. 

Individual Sessions

I do individual sessions via phone or Skype (and sometimes in person).

I recommend trying a single session to see if we're a good fit. And to make that easy, I offer an initial 60-minute session for just $75. This isn't just a meet-and-greet. In this session you'll get clear, actionable instruction.

One session may be all you need, or we can continue working together in one of two ways: You can purchase one-at-a-time sessions as you need them, or we can establish a more consistent relationship and you can purchase a block of sessions in advance at a discounted price. 

Session Options 

A la carte 60-minute session: $150
Package of three 60-minute sessions: $425 (a savings of $25)
Package of five 60-minute sessions: $700 (a savings of $50)
** Please note that single sessions expire within 30 days of purchase, and packages expire within two months. 

I'm Self-Publishing... 

A huge industry has popped up around supporting writers and entrepreneurs who wish to self-publish. Some of these companies and freelancers are great. Many are not. I've heard from far too many people who went through one-stop shops or "Publish a Bestseller!" workshops and were left with a substandard manuscript and felt like they were rushed through a process without getting any real personalized attention. I can't tell you how many of my clients, after spending literally tens of thousands of dollars before landing on my doorstep have said, "I wish I found you first!" 

As a writer, myself, I want you to get the same level of attention, professionalism, and quality I want when I work with an editor. It's just the way I do things. 

Calls and Workshops

I offer talks and workshops via web calls or in person. Check my Events page to see what's coming up and to register. I also do custom presentations on communication skills, compassion, and empathy for groups and organizations. If you're interested, contact me and we can discuss your needs.

Let's Get Started!

If you're ready to get started working with me one-on-one, go ahead and purchase your session(s). (Note: I'll come up as Kelly Huegel, but you'll recognize my shining visage in the photo). Please include your preferred email address in the note line on PayPal. I'll reach out to confirm payment and set up our first session!

If you have questions or are interested in having me come talk to your group, contact me and I'll get back to you asap.