Kelly Madrone

Need some help?

You’ve got a book idea and don’t know where to start.
You’ve got a manuscript and need to get it to the next level.
You want to be a better writer.

And you could sure use an engaged partner.

Your website needs help.
Your blog needs help.
Your whole content strategy needs help.

And you wish you had someone with experience to show you (or do it for you).

You’re in the trenches.
In service.
Doing stuff that matters.

And you’d love some backup.

You need a pick-me-up.
A passion infusion.
A vision partner.

Someone who gets your goals, and can get you there.

That’s me.
But my goal isn’t to impress you with who I am.
It’s to impress you with who you are.

To help you unearth something in you that leaves you in awe of your own capacity.

You’re already enough.
You’ve got what it takes.
You just need something to push against so you can feel your own strength.

I provide . . . leverage.

To help you write an incredible book.
To help you launch that creative project with a bang.
To help you write content that conjures.

Or to do something a little more nuanced.

To jumpstart your creativity.
To experience a richer, more engaged life.
To live with compassion and congruence.

If you’re ready (like, really ready), I can help you get there.


Let’s Work!

Do you have something to say? Are you driven to connect? Is it time to finally write that book? Clean up that website? Fire up your followers (and yourself in the process)?

If you want a partner to:

  • Create a book proposal

  • Figure out what your manuscript needs

  • Coach you on your writing

I can help.

If you need to develop:

  • Content that engages and inspires (from blogs and newsletters to emails and ebooks)

  • A content strategy

  • A truly authentic brand

That’s me, too.

If you’re searching for:

  • More engagement and meaning in your life

  • Strategies to sustain a life of service and manage the burdens of compassion

  • More passion and creativity

You’re at the right place.

 Poached Eggs with Skillet Toast


Because I do a variety of work, I’ve got a variety of rates. For one-off or here-and-there consultations, I charge $200 per hour. That’s a bunch more than my package rates because honestly, you’ll get a lot more benefit if we team up rather than work together for just an hour. But single-hour sessions are available if you want one (and we can do a lot in an hour).

Smaller projects: Want me to help you write (or write for you) a newsletter, some blog posts, or an email campaign?

Half-day rate: $525
Full-day rate: $950

What can we get done in a half-day or full-day? You’d be surprised. I’ve created entire email marketing campaigns for folks in just a day.

Coaching: Need a writing coach, cheerleader, and/or someone to help you figure out how to write that book already? Here are a few hourly package options, or if you want to lock in my assistance with a bigger writing project, let’s talk and I can give you a cost..

3 hours: $525
5 hours: $850

This time can be used for coaching calls/Skypes and includes a little time built in outside the calls for me to read and give you written comments on your writing.

Manuscript reviews and book proposals: I have a few standard rates based on different factors. Please contact me and we can talk details.

Larger project rates: These are most economical for folks who want to work with me long-term. Contact me and I’ll give you a custom quote for your project or the kind of coaching package you’re interested in. And if you want me at-the-ready, I sometimes take on retainer clients. Let’s talk.

Special offers: I rarely offer special “sale” packages, but when I’m feeling extra sassy and want to nudge people who’ve been on the fence, it can happen. If you want to be sure to hear about special offers when/if they happen, sign up for my newsletter below as that’s the only place I’ll announce them.