Do I Need a Writing Coach?

I help people with their writing, but the way I do it also helps get in touch with themselves, and when that happens, lots more changes. They become better writers not only because they learn technique, but because they also are more in touch with themselves and with human experience, in general.

If one or more of these sounds like you, you might want to hire me as your writing coach:

Wannabe Writers:

+ I have something to say. I'm not necessarily sure what it even is, but I feel driven to connect, to communicate, and I need help.
+ I think I might have a book inside me, but I don't know where to start.
+ I don't really care about getting published, but I want to get into writing to see where it will take me, or to get in touch with myself and my experiences.
+ I don't know how to use humor in my writing.
+ I don't know how to make my writing sound like me.
+ I created a professional website or blog but I have no idea what to do with it because I'm not a writer.

Current Writers:

+ I'm a blogger and I'm out of ideas.
+ I'm a successful writer, but I feel drained or burned out, or I'm an at impasse with my work.
+ I have trouble with dialogue.
+ I have trouble creating believable characters.
+ I have trouble with pacing and flow.
+ I've written a book and I need help getting it where I want it.
+ I'm a subject matter expert and I have trouble being concise because I just know so much about my topics.


+ I sit down to write and I just get stuck.
+ I write long and need help with brevity.
+ I'm just not connecting with my audience.
+ I want my writing to be clearer and more impactful.
+ People tell me my emails (or other professional writing) are confusing.


+ My kid could use some help with their writing skills.
+ My kid is a great writer and I want to help them grow their talent.
+ My kid needs help with college essays.