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Getting Here

The closest airports to Taos are ABQ (Albuquerque), which is 2.25 hours south of the retreat center, and 2.5 hours south of the town of Taos, and DEN (Denver) which is 4.5 hours north. There is also SAF—the Santa Fe airport. Of the three, DEN is the largest and SAF the smallest.

Southwest airlines flies to ABQ and DEN, along with several other airlines.

Taos Ski Valley operates a twice-daily airport shuttle that goes to and from the ABQ Sunport and Santa Fe airport to stops all around the town of Taos.

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Santa Fe

ABQ is one hour south of Santa Fe, so if you want to make that a stop, it’s on the way to Taos.


Taos is less than one hour from the Colorado border, so it’s an easy place from which to explore this gorgeous state.

Taos Attractions

If you’re thinking about tacking on some extra time (which is well worth it), there are some fantastic attractions right around Taos, including:

  • Tour ancient Taos Pueblo, an active Native American community that has been in New Mexico for more than 1,000 years.

  • Raft the Rio Grande (or just dip your feet in)

  • Take part in world-class hiking and mountain biking

  • Walk across the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

  • Soak in rustic and curated hot springs, including the Ojo Caliente mineral springs (which is only a short drive from the retreat site)

  • Sip wine in the vineyard of one (or more) of our phenomenal old-world wineries—Vivac, Black Mesa, and Chirpada are all close by. Plus check out Gruet on the way to or from Albuquerque for delicious champagne-style sparkling wines.

  • Stroll around Taos Plaza and check out the restaurants and artists’ galleries. (On a sunny day—which is most of them—you’ll probably see Ed Sandoval out in the parking lot next to his turquoise pickup truck, creating his latest masterwork.)

  • Check out the Earthship community. People come from around the world to learn “biotecture” in Taos.

  • Visit the museums, including the fabulous Millicent Rogers Museum and the Harwood Museum of Art.

Taos Accommodations

Taos has an assortment of hotels and B&Bs, but the best way to go is with an AirBnB. There’s a huge selection to fit every price range and desired experience, whether a casita in walking distance from the Plaza or a deluxe hogan out on the mesa.

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