Spiritual Coaching


Maybe you’re called to more,
but don’t quite know what that means
or haven’t found it yet…

I don’t have answers for you, but I can help you ask the questions that will find them, and hold a sacred space for you as the solutions unfold.


What Is Spiritual Coaching?

As a spiritual coach, I witness and support your unfolding.

Rather than focus on what’s “wrong” with your current version of life, I help you locate and resource “the health”—what’s alive in you that’s yearning to grow.

Each of us is at once one with Spirit—united by our shared our divinity—
And an individual Soul who longs to have our unique gifts recognized and used in service.

These “upper” and “lower” (Spirit/Soul) energies unite in the heart to create what I call a “fully resourced human.” But this union does not happen without effort and intention.

We must show up for our own becoming.

Culturally, we don’t know how to support this journey.
As a substitute, we often look to:

  • numbing (with food, popular media, drugs, alcohol, etc.)

  • blind faith / atheism

  • non-spiritual, mind-focused psychologies

  • inordinate emphasis on finding happiness

  • coaches and modern prophets who have never experienced their own soul initiation

  • 1, 2, 3 formulas

  • a disproportionate use of on others’ structures and methods in lieu of undertaking an intensely personal journey

We turn to these methods and guides largely in an attempt to make the Spirit-Soul journey more comfortable, rather than recognize and foster our own inherent strengths and capabilities to meet life’s challenges.

Passages can be painful, especially when we resist. (And the static caused by that resistance is a profound source of much of the anxiety, depression, addictions, and physical illnesses that are so common today.)

With grounding and perspective, that pain can be transformed into an ecstatic opening to Love, and to your greatest self.

These are the types of skills I help you develop,
Along with the ability to accept invitations to humor and playfulness in your process.

Formulas are tempting, but the truth is that we each have our own passcode to cracking open our deep gifts.
By guiding and supporting your private journey, I help you find yours.

How Do I Sign Up For Spiritual Coaching?

It starts with a conversation.

I won’t pressure you or try and sell you. With spiritual coaching, it’s important that not only does the journey choose you, but you choose it back.
Only you can determine if you’re ready.

If we agree that we’re a good match and you wish to engage in coaching with me,
we’ll talk about what that would look like.

Ready to have that chat? Click here to contact me.


I was called into a descent at a young age, without the skills to survive it. It was grace that saved my life.

With divine assistance, I managed to create and hold a belief in a future version of myself that was greater than my present reality.

This vision held me through a dark night that lasted nearly 20 years as I found my way home to wholeness.

Now I am that version of myself.

It took me that long to find me—to locate and unite the energies of Spirit and Soul—because it was my path to go it alone.

I had to let every false refuge fall away so I could experience the truth of my own perfection.

I am deeply in love with life and this human experience, and I have the tools to support you in your own opening to wholeness.