What folks are saying about me…


“Kelly has an amazing editorial eye.
She can help you frame and organize the structure of your narrative, clarify your message, and bring out the best in your manuscript. I recommend her highly." -Elizabeth Rapoport, former executive editor at Random House, author, and creator of "Write Club"

"It's difficult to articulate the magic that Kelly brings to a project. She settles in and brings her whole self: heart, mind, soul, intuition, and miles and miles of wisdom. I gave her a pretty decent manuscript. And she gave me back a gamechanger. Can't wait for our next collaboration." -Christine Crockett Smith, author and consultant

“Kelly understood my project like one else I had found, was super clear with the kind of feedback that helped me key into core storyline components that needed to be addressed, and helped me see areas of opportunity for elevating my writing. I found her a pleasure to work with and am excited to continue our coaching relationship." -Jaime Konzelman, business consultant and career coach

“Kelly is a great clarifier. She has a keen ability to sniff out the thoughts that are still foggy in my head and ask questions or provide insights to bring them into focus. She can then guide me to the right words to sharply communicate my ideas to others. I recommend working with Kelly without reservation." -Jana Berghoefer, intuitive, coach, and business psychologist

“Subject: You are a wizard!
Hey Kelly. I just read through the emails you sent and you make me sound amazing and feel amazing about what ‘I’m’ saying! Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work. 
P.S. You can quote that… Just don’t use my name or you’ll blow my cover!” -client, life coach

"When I saw Kelly walk into [class] for the first time I thought, ''S***'s about to get real,' and I wanted to hug her. ... I was impressed with how vulnerable Kelly was willing to be with us. She really helped me." -student*

“Kelly consistently delivers top-quality, powerful writing that’s well-researched and reported. She’s responsive to edits, files her work on time, and is overall a delight to work with. My only hesitation in recommending her is that if she takes on work for you, she’ll have less time for us!" -M. Carrie Allan, senior editorial director, The Humane Society of the United States and columnist for The Washington Post

“Kelly is not only an extremely gifted speaker and writer—she is also an incredible role model for her students of all ages. She is a dream to work with—professional, punctual, and prepared. Her classes always deliver with content that engages, energizes, and leaves the students asking 'When will Kelly return?'" -Tim Fisher, Director of Education, Potomac Massage Training Institute

“Kelly is The Truth. She's the real deal." -bodywork client*

"When you need a strong shot of motivation, seek counsel from the ever-wise Kelly Madrone. You'll likely find her with a cup of coffee in hand, a smile on her face, and an open heart that is ready to provide service.”
-Tom Stott, trainer, coach, and educator

“Kelly is grace." -student*

"I have had many teachers during my lifetime. Kelly stands above the rest. Kelly built each student up, gently guiding us in a direction that made perfect sense for us individually. Don't miss an opportunity to take a class with her. She will change your life as she did mine.” -student*

“Kelly has taught me so much not just about how to do [my work], but how to live." -student*

"Kelly defines what a teacher should be." -student*

“Kelly’s not even a person. She’s like this force of energy pretending to be human."
-teacher and bodywork client*

* Because of power differentials in the teacher-student and therapist-client relationship,
I’ve opted not to include the names of students and bodywork clients.