Publishing won’t fix anything in your life,
But the act of taking apart your life
in order to write about it will.

Writing isn’t
What it’s cracked up to be—
It’s way more.

Writing isn’t just a way to express,
It’s a window into the heart—
An access point to the soul.

If you want a more engaged life,
If you want a more successful business,
If you want to become a more inspired
(and inspiring) version of yourself,


It’s time to dump your excuses and kick doubt to the curb—
Write Now!

That’s not an order, it’s your ticket to freedom.
Your invitation to expansion.
Your golden ticket to passion-ville.

Write Now! is a writers’ group.
Your writers’ group.

It’s where you’re going to dare.
To risk.
To engage with yourself on a new level.

If you’ve been waiting for that sign
From the Universe,
Here it is!

Join us.

Here’s the deal:

We’ll meet every other Wednesday,
7-8:30pm EST
March 13-May 1

(Dates are: March 13, March 27, April 10, April 17, May 1
Please note classes three and four are only one week apart.)

That’s 5 sessions.
And to ensure you get the max out of each,
I’m limiting the group to a max of 8 people.

Before we get going you’ll tell me what you want to focus on.
If it’s a book, blog, essay, or just learning the craft,
We’ll set up a specific writing goal for you.

And to make sure you meet that goal,
In addition to the group work, you’ll get a private session with me—
60 minutes of focused coaching and writing feedback.

We’re going to meet virtually, on Zoom
(so bring your wine, show up pantsless—whatever)
And I’m going to record the sessions and give you access after.

Develop your skills.
Find your voice.
Focus on that project.
And make some new friends in the process.

Write Now!

Just click here to apply.

  • You’re going to get 7.5 hours of group work,

  • Specific assignments and feedback,

  • Plus an hour of one-on-one coaching

    And all it’s going to cost you is:

A little bravery,
A little sweat,
And $475.

Just click here to apply.

“Kelly is the Truth. She’s the real deal.”

“Kelly is an extremely gifted speaker and writer.”

“Don’t miss an opportunity to take a class with her.
She will change your life as she did mine.”


About me…

I’m an award-winning author who’s published two books (one in its third edition) and more than 100 articles. I’ve helped tons of people become better writers and get their projects off the ground. But my favorite part of what I do is helping people use writing as a way to develop greater love and appreciation for themselves and their experiences.

Learn more about my background here, my writing here, and see what folks are saying about me here. Oh, and you can watch a couple of my storytelling performances here.