“Imagination is the enemy of conformity,
and conformity is the enemy of belonging.”

I help stories and people come alive.

Writing is soul craft—

A powerful tool for making sense, creating meaning, and discovering grace.

I don’t just help people put words on paper (or propel a cursor across a screen).

I help them frame their stories, and in doing so, develop a better understanding of themselves—

Their lives, actions, and motivations.

I'm an award-winning author, and I've been writing and teaching most of my life. As a writing coach, I find a special joy in helping others realize their writing dreams.

In my work as a communications consultant and speaker, I help individuals and organizations learn how to communicate more clearly and effectively, with clarity and compassion.

I also help people and organizations develop content that moves and inspires.


I’ve got varied and extensive experience that falls into four main categories:

Animals and Nature

As a former staff writer and current freelance writer for the Humane Society of the United states, I’ve learned loads about animals and the challenges they face. I’m passionate about animal welfare. As a science buff, I’m interested in the writing of philosopher-scientists (such as David Abram), and the intersections of animals, the human animal, and nature.

Animal welfare also heavily overlaps with one of my other areas of interest: Social Justice. Here’s an article I wrote that shows how.

Health and Science

My professional roots are in scholarly publishing; specifically in areas of psychology including cognition, developmental psychology, neuropsychology, and broader topics in science. I’ve had the privilege of acting as an acquisitions and developmental editor at both Psychology Press and the National Academy Press (the publishing arm of the National Academy of Sciences), where I worked with an assortment of stellar authors and science luminaries.

I also spent many years handling communications for a foundation that works with the military’s extensive health and medical programs around the world. I had to translate the work of scientists and clinicians for a general audience. This—combined with spending lots of time in physical therapy as a result of some martial arts injuries—got me especially interested in how the body works, so I went to school to become a massage therapist. I also earned certifications in plant-based nutrition and personal training. Eventually, I went on to teach detailed anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, clinical massage application, and communications and ethics for health professionals.

All of this set me up to become an expert in health writing, particularly in the areas of complimentary and alternative medicine and therapies. Recently, I wrote a whole lot about mitochondria. Here’s an example of a short ebook I created for a client to explain these organelles. On the other end of the spectrum, I also wrote this book for kids with chronic illness (which won some awards).

Social Justice

I’ve got a degree in Secondary English Education (which is how I started honing my speaking skills). I’ve always had a special passion for supporting young adults and for helping them solve especially tough problems . . . which when you’re that age is most of them. In addition to the book I mentioned above, I also wrote this “survival guide” for LGBTQ youth. The third edition was just published, and it’s getting excellent reviews. (The previous editions have won some awards, too.)

My experience in working with everyone from bench scientists to teens has given me an awesome understanding of the different communications needs of a wide variety of audiences.

Spirituality and Compassionate Living

Through all the work above, I’ve developed a passion for compassion. All of my work is interwoven with my own grounding in a spirituality that believes all people have value and an important story. My desire to communicate with respect and to truly be present with others comes through in my work with my clients.

This article I wrote for MASSAGE Magazine showcases some of what I’m talking about. (It so resonated with therapists and clients, alike, that it was shared more than 5,600 times.)

Oh yeah, and I’m a mom of two little ones. They teach me whole new dimensions about love, patience, compassion, and the importance of play.

Talking of compassionate living brings me back around to my affinity for and knowledge about issues around animals. See how that all works out?

Check out more of my writing here.