“Fear of failure is the saddest reason on earth
not to do what you were meant to do.”
-J.K. Rowling

Tell your story.


Do you have something to say? Are you driven to connect? Is it time to finally write that book? Clean up that website? Fire up your followers (and yourself in the process)?

Whether it’s through a book, blog, newsletter, or journal, you’ve got a story to tell.

If you want a partner to:

  • Create a book proposal

  • Figure out what your manuscript needs

  • Coach you on your writing

I can help.

If you need to develop:

  • Content that engages and inspires (from blogs and newsletters to emails and ebooks)

  • A content strategy

  • A truly authentic brand

That’s me, too.

If you’re searching for:

  • More engagement and meaning in your life

  • Strategies to sustain a life of service and manage the burdens of compassion

  • More passion and creativity

You’re at the right place

Poached Eggs with Skillet Toast

For me, client work is one part logic, two parts love.
It’s about sharing information, but it’s also about sharing heart space.

If you want a strictly transactional relationship—someone to come in and do straightforward work to help you organize your project, edit your manuscript, etc—that’s not me. Yes, I can do all those things, but I like my clients to experience more than just a work-money exchange.

Work can be just work, but it also presents opportunities to enhance our lives and our experiences. Oftentimes, to get the best work, I serve my clients in ways that are more wholistic.

When I take on clients, that’s it—you’re in the circle. I don’t just care about your project, I care about you.

I often liken creative projects to birth. No matter what your gender, in order to bring something into the world in a way that’s not only satisfying, but also transformative, you need the safety and support of a steady orienting point—someone who can hold the space for you to do your thing to the fullest, who shows up consistently with intensity and with great care. That’s me.

I can do all of that because I have a phenomenal work ethic, great communication skills, healthy boundaries, lots of experience, and a great big heart.

If that sounds good to you (or at least intriguing), we might be a match.

I’d love to hear about your hopes and dreams for your project. Let’s talk.


I pretty much universally stick to the rates below. At the same time, I don’t want money to be a barrier to opportunities to collaborate if we truly are a great match, so sometimes other arrangements are possible. Let’s talk. (Also, check out the “special offers” section below.)

Rates below are for editing and writing services. For information about spiritual coaching, click here.

Pick my brain:
For one-off consultations, I charge $200 per hour, with a two-hour minimum for new clients.

Hire me as your coach and we’ll turbo-charge your content, hone your writing skills, and/or get that book, blog, website, or newsletter whipped into shape! We can go straight hourly, or you can pre-purchase several hours.

1 hour: $200
3 hours: $575
6 hours: $1,125
9 hours: $1,650
12 hours: $2,100

Or you we can chat about your needs and I can put together a special package for you. Contact me and we can talk details.

Group learning and coaching:
Sometimes I run online writing groups. Here’s what’s enrolling now:

Year-Long Inner Journey It’s for anyone ready to take a fantastic voyage.

Day rates:
If you want to sit down together for an intensive session to hammer something out (maybe outline your content strategy, hash out your book proposal, or have me knock out some killer emails for your list), I’ve got half-day and full-day rates.

Half-day rate: $575
Full-day rate: $1,125

Manuscript reviews and book proposals:
I have a few standard rates based on different factors, including length. Please contact me and we can talk details.

Larger project rates:
These are most economical for folks who want to work with me long-term. Contact me and I’ll give you a custom quote for your project or the kind of coaching package you’re interested in. And if you want me at-the-ready, I sometimes take on retainer clients. Let’s talk.

Special offers:
I rarely offer “sale” packages, but when I’m feeling extra sassy, have a little time, and want to nudge people who’ve been on the fence, it can happen. If you want to be sure to hear about special offers , sign up for my newsletter below—that’s the only place I’ll announce the