“…And that visibility which makes us most vulnerable
is that which also is the source of our greatest strength.”
-Audre Lorde

I host life-changing groups and events
lovingly crafted to take you deeper.

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Upcoming Groups & Events

Every Other Sunday
An online writers’ group like nothing you’ve seen. We’re writing to the bones.
Next session starts June 9.
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Write Now!
Online group coaching for writers.
March 13-May 1, 2019.
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This session is SOLD OUT.
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Book Lab
Have you thought about writing a book, but you’re not sure how to begin or what the process looks like? Do you need some help clarifying your ideas, approach, and/or audience? Then this short inexpensive, online program’s for you. Live (starts May 19) and self-study options.
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The Gathering
Don’t worry—it’s not as post-apocalyptic as it sounds.
Swan dive (or belly flop) into the Mystery with us!
September 12-16 2019
Carson, New Mexico (near Taos)
We’re capping registration at 12.
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Book Signing & Talk
The Book Cellar, Lake Worth FL
Tuesday, May 14; 6pm

Community Talk
Compass GLCC, Lake Worth FL
Wednesday, May 15; time TBD


Blogging for Business: Using Blogs, Newsletters, & Other
Creative Content to Grow Your Small Business
March 24, 2019; 9:30am-12:30pm EST
downtown Silver Spring, MD
3 CEs for LMTs
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Seeking Safety Within
March 24, 2019; 2-5:30pm EST
The Center for Mindful Living
Washington, DC
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Here are two of my favorite stories to have told, and lived:


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